Spin Aker produces yarns for weaving and knitwear, focusing his offer on creativity, quality and service.

Spin Aker produces yarns Open End, Ring, Corespun, Fantasy, suitable for shuttle weaving and for circular knitting, in different materials like viscose, polyester, acrylic, wool, cachemire, silk, cotton, linen, alpaca and others natural fibers, mixed or pure, natural or colored, solid colour or melange. As well as offering yarns and colour cards with the latest market trends, Spin Aker offers a service of yarns and colours production based on customers’ requirements, in addition to an efficient Stock Service on many items in the collection.

Produzione - Spin Aker

Research, innovation and quality have always been the size of our yarn offering

We have joined relevant technical knowledge with commercial capabilities, creating value proposal in costant evolution. This has allowed Spin Aker to reach important positioning goals in a few years, both on the market of Prato’s district and on the new national and international contexts.

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Our production

We produce quality yarns for weaving and knitting, starting from the selection of raw material to a stock service on many items in the collection. Our internal laboratory allowed us to make an efficient quality control and a careful reproduction of the colors in phase of development.

In addition, Spin Aker aims to reduce the environmental impact that comes from his production by adopting a monitoring-oriented approach and a search for the continuous improvement of its performance. Research and development are directed especially at reducing the polluting agents in the manifacturing process.

Growth and Sustainability

Spin Aker undertakes to limit, with targeted behaviors and choices, the effect that its production can have on the Planet’s health, with the aim of minimizing, step by step, the environmental impact resulting from its manufacturing activity.


Spin Aker & BOV TAiLOR Parigi 2022


Spin Aker & BAV TAILOR. The new season includes BAV

Rifiliamo 2020

Spin Aker present at Ri-filiamo 2020 After participating in Filo,